The Newest Best Free Vst3 Drum Samples 2023

To use in your productions, are you looking for free drum kits and samples? Look no further—we have the most comprehensive list without any extra filler.

Having a huge variety of samples at our disposal as producers helps us create music. We can never have too many sample packs, right? A wonderful method to grow your collection without breaking the bank is to download free drum kits.

Finding free, high-quality kits is the toughest challenge, though. Do not be alarmed; I have compiled a sizable list of free drum kits that you may use right away in your productions.

When there are others, why read my list? It’s always been challenging for me to read listings that don’t distinguish between different kinds of kits.

MT Power DrumKit 2.

One of my preferred free drum kits is at the top of the list. The best free sample library on the internet is without a doubt Manda Audio’s MT Power DrumKit 2.

Sound Demo
The drum kit is pre-processed, so it is prepared for mixing. To get great-sounding drums right away after installation, you don’t need to waste time with EQ and compression. The MT Power Drumkit 2 is ideal for electronic drum set owners who want to use samples instead of the sounds from their included module.

Grooves, which consist of MIDI packs with tens of thousands of different rhythms, are also included. Considering that this library is entirely free, the patterns sound surprisingly fantastic. Both the Mac and the PC can run MT Power DrumKit 2.

Drum Drops 60s Rogers Pop Kit

There is no need to look any further if you want a vintage sound. You may utilize a fantastic-sounding Rogers kit from the 1960s at Drum Drops. Although the website’s button says “Buy this Kit,” adding the item to your cart makes it completely free.
Power Tone drum set from the late 1960s, including a 22″ kick, 13″ rack tom, and 16″ floor tom. The kit has a moderately high tuning, which was typical at the time.

Band Shed’s AVL drumsets

Band Shed offers a different free kit alternative. In reality, AVL Drumkits has two kits: Red Zeppelin and Black Pearl.

Each drum has five velocity levels in each library, and each has a small memory footprint. Older machines and plugin-heavy makers should use them. Although these two kits aren’t necessarily among my favorites, they do stand out for other reasons and need to be mentioned.

The CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, which is available for free download, requires that you give proper attribution when using AVL Drumkits in production.

Sennheiser’s DrumMic’a

You might need to know a little bit of German (or use your browser’s translate feature) in order to download this bundle. Sennheiser’s DrumMic’a is a fantastic free drum kit with 13,000 unique samples and 25 velocity layers per articulation. How were they able to make this free?

They must be using the kit as a promotional tool for Sennheiser microphones. I adore this kit; I think it sounds amazing, especially considering that it is totally free. The formats that are supported include VST, AU, AAX, RTAS, ASIO, Core Audio, and WASAPI.

Meta Drum Samples

Drum Samples Meta is a forum thread that contains links to a number of different free drum sample libraries, thus it’s not quite one library. The metal samples by Andy Sneap are among the most prominent free collections.

Unfortunately, some of the links may be broken because the forum discussion is quite old. Some of them might require a significant amount of searching.

DrumGizmo drum kits,

Here is a list of free acoustic libraries created for the open-source, multichannel, cross-platform drum plugin DrumGizmo.

Particularly the CrocellKit sounds fantastic. Crocell, a Danish metal band, started recording their 2018 album Relics but decided to take some kit samples first.

Drum Kit G&S Custom Work for Kontakt

As one might anticipate, the G&S drum set comes with toms, kicks, snares, rims, hats, and cymbals. Editing level, pan, and tune settings are available for each slot separately. The free Kontakt Player will time out after fifteen minutes, so the full version of Kontakt is necessary to use this library.

If you enjoy the pack, kindly adhere to the download’s licensing terms and think about supporting the author by making a donation. Although it doesn’t sound particularly good, it is worth mentioning because it is free.

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