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One of the most widely utilized effects in mixing is reverb. It belongs to a larger group of processing units known as “time-based effects,” which also includes delay. Reverb was previously captured using echo chambers, which were actual rooms. An internal microphone would record the natural echo that would occur when a signal was delivered into the chamber. Later, artificial reverbs like springs and plates were also introduced. Today, we have access to some of the best reverb plugins, which can reproduce many acoustic settings as well as several traditional synthetic reverbs. The Best Reverb Plugins in 2023.

Waves | Manny Marroquin Reverb

With Waves, renowned engineer Manny Marroquin has a number of excellent plugins, and his reverb is no different. It is a reverb that uses convolution and has some really nice features like an EQ, phaser, and distortion built right in. Additionally, there are 18 different reverbs—6 reverb genres and 3 room sizes—included.

The Manny Marroquin Reverb interface is intuitive to use and well-designed. To dial in a great sound, not much fiddling is required.

Waves | RVerb

The Renaissance Reverb plugin is also fantastic. If you have an artist that likes to track through reverb, loading up an instance of RVerb is great because it isn’t CPU intensive. RVerb also has a gritty quality that makes it a cool option when you don’t want an excessively hi-fi, ultra-pristine sound.

With its “early reflection system” and 12 various reverb varieties, RVerb adds more texture and richness. Give it a go!

Universal Audio | Lexicon 224

The first Lexicon 224 was released in 1978 and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most used reverbs ever. The UAD version is yet another accurate recreation of the traditional digital reverb, and it sounds amazing as expected. The plugin made use of the same algorithms as the original hardware. Look no farther if you’re seeking for a legendary digital reverb.

Along with the Lexicon and EMT replicas, UAD also produces a ton of other incredible reverbs that aren’t included here, such Capitol Chambers and Ocean Way Studios. Check those out to diversify your collection even further!

Valhalla DSP | Reverb Series

VintageVerb, Room, and Plate are just a few of the standalone reverb plugins made by Valhalla.

VintageVerb is based on vintage digital reverbs, such as the 224 from before. Room has a wide range of sounds, from intimate ambiances to huge halls. You might have anticipated that Plate adds some more parameters that the original hardware can’t handle while still accurately simulating the physics of conventional plate reverbs.

Denise Audio | Perfect Room

The goal of the team at Denise Audio was to create a technology that was better than the classic algorithmic reverb plugins that use a combination of short feedbacking delays to create the illusion of reverberation, and they did so through the creation of their TXVerb technology.

The innovative TXVerb technology in this plugin allows for highly creative use, different sounds, and enhances the character and coloration of any audio that is run through it, in an extremely natural way so that it sounds defined and tight from the lowest kick all the way up to the highest vocal.

Seventh Heaven | Liquidsonics

One of the most recognizable hardware reverb units ever created is the Bricasti M7. The best software yet created to emulate the rich M7 is Seventh Heaven. The plugin is available in two different versions: Standard and Professional. You receive 30 authentic M7 presets with the Standard edition, which is more inexpensive, compared to 236 in the Pro version. Aside from that, the flexibility of the two options varies slightly, with the more expensive choice obviously providing a little bit more.

Simply put, Seventh Heaven is the only DAW plugin that can capture the wonder of the Bricasti.

Voxengo | OldSkoolVerb

The OldSkoolVerb algorithmic reverb by Voxengo offers a wide range of traditional reverb tones. Plates, rooms, halls, and chambers are all conceivable, and Voxengo believes that the spatial picture is extremely distinct and may be incorporated into a variety of settings. On non-percussive sounds like voices, piano, and synth pads, they advise using OldSkoolVerb.

Viator DSP | Pastel Reverb

Viator DSP’s Pastel Reverb is another room unit with several basic parameters and what some users have noted is a cool, unique  sound. To set the decay time, you choose the Room Size, and then fine tune it using other controls like Width, Dampening, and Resonance. Built-in wet/dry faders let you set the desired amount of direct signal and reverberated signal. The Best Reverb Plugins in 2023.

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