The Best Free EQ VST Plugins (2023)

Voxengo Marvel GEQ

Marvel GEQ is a 16-band linear-phase graphic equalizer VST plugin that enables rapid, highly precise EQ-pattern modifications. Additionally, this plugin has a few quite useful extra functions. You can “scale” all 16 bands simultaneously by using the tiny arrow button in the top-left corner of the screen. This enables you to change the EQ curve’s overall shape with just one parameter. Additionally, this plugin offers a fantastic free-hand drawing tool that adds an intuitive, original twist to EQing. This entails that you can manually draw an EQ curve by dragging your mouse along the EQ bands. Overall, this is a terrific tool for newcomers as well as for more experienced producers wishing to add to their library of EQ plugins.

TDR Nova

The parallel dynamic equalizer TDR Nova NOVA is ideal for both inexperienced and experienced producers.

This EQ plugin’s unique feature is that each band also has a fully functional dynamics section, which enables the processor to cover an amazingly broad spectrum of potential EQ settings. Simply said, this means that the threshold, ratio, attack, and release parameters can be used to adjust how much each EQ band is compressed.

Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

One of the best free equalization plugins you’ll discover online is Blue Cat’s Triple EQ.

This free EQ plugin features a low shelf filter, a high shelf filter, and a boost/cut peak filter. It is a 3-band semi-parametric equalizer. These three filters are interconnected, so when you alter the bandwidth or the center frequency, the three filters’ characteristics also change.
Additionally, you may separately change the EQ for the Left and Right channels of your tracks, which is a really good addition.
The “auto gain” feature of Triple EQ is one of its more intriguing aspects. When turned on, this function modifies your sound’s gain so that it maintains level no matter how strongly you push particular frequencies.

EQ1A: Mellowmuse

The EP1A features a straightforward design.

The Mellowmuse EQ1A from low CPU intensive design makes equalization simple with a readily accessible UI. It has a high pass filter and four bands of sweeping equalization.
Simply pressing the orange button next to the rotary will remove these bands.

For a quick A/B comparison, each band and high-pass filter can be swiftly bypassed. Despite being based on vintage analog outboard equalizers, the EQ1A’s impact on your signal in terms of harmonic production or distortion is modest.
a sine wave at 500 Hz that has been EP1A-processed. Notice that no extra harmonics are produced.

a sine wave at 500 Hz that has been EP1A-processed. Notice that no extra harmonics are produced.

This makes the EQ1A ideal for straightforward equalization that sounds natural. The EQ1A is excellent for both applying modest equalization to a complete mix and individual instrument use due to its low CPU heavy design.

The following bands are part of the FEQ1A:

High Pass: 10Hz – 1kHz / sweepable Q.
Low Shelf: 30Hz – 500Hz.
Low-Mid Range: 70Hz – 2kHz / sweepable Q.
High-Mid Range: 500Hz – 6kHz / sweepable Q.
High-Shelf: 1.5kHz – 18kHz
Possible Applications:

Individual instrument balancing
surgical equivalence
Stereo Equalization for Mastering

PTEq-1A: Ignite Labs

The PTEq-1A is based on traditional equalization hardware design.

With a boost and attenuate option for low frequencies and a boost and attenuate capability for high frequencies, the PTEq-1A has a similar design to the well-known Pultec EPQ-1A. When it comes to setting your curve’s Q, the straightforward design provides few alternatives.
The PTE-1A was inspired by this Pultec EQP-1A.

Having said that, you do have the choice of a “sharp” or “broad” bandwidth when boosting the high-frequency range, but this is about as intricate as you can get with this equalizer.

It is feasible to equalize more precisely and purposefully because the high-frequency boost and attenuation operations introduce two distinctive curves, although doing so will require some dexterity.

LCF: Analog Obsession

LCF: Analog Obsession It’s easy to use the LCF plugin. The LCF didn’t get on this list, in contrast to the other contenders, due to the flexibility or complexity of its design. In reality, the LCF serves as both a high pass and a low pass filter. Given that practically every equalizer has this feature, why has it made it onto this list? In essence, the LCF accurately—or at least sonically—emulates analog technology. The LCF produces harmonics of odd order. In reality, the LCF is one of the few plugins that I downloaded to test the best free equalizers and will continue to keep in my “components” folder.

Because it introduces complex harmonic generation in the mid- and high-frequency region, this is the explanation. Numerous and in an unusual order, the harmonics produce a complex sound.

It’s interesting to note that while the frequencies that were already present in the signal are impacted, the harmonics that they occupy continue to exist in the signal. This implies that a low dB to octave cut is used by the high-pass and low-pass filters.

Melda Productions – MEqualizer

Powerful 6-band equalizer MEqualizer features some outstanding built-in creative options. Melda Productions have developed a flexible plugin with a retro analogue sound, featuring 7 filter types for each band, integrated tube saturation, and harmonics control.

Additionally, it offers a sonogram and an advanced visualization that includes a spectrum analyzer.

our free EQ plugin, in my opinion, isn’t nearly as user-friendly for beginners as some of the other plugins on our list, but it’s still a fantastic option if you’re searching for a portable, flexible EQ tool.

Please be aware that you must download this plugin along with the Free Melda Plugin Bundle, which also contains a number of other free plugins.

4U+ DynamicTiltEQ

HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ 4U+ A strong, free tilt EQ with an easy-to-use interface is DynamicTiltEQ.

This free EQ plugin can fix sibilance issues in otherwise flawless vocal takes, add a little more crispiness to snares, and add a little more “pop” to kick drums.

The major drawback is that it doesn’t offer the same level of accuracy as some other free EQ plugins like TDR Nova or Voxengo Marvel GEQ.


SplineEQ is a well regarded, premium EQ plugin with a slick and intuitive UI.

Despite having only 4 bands instead of 60 and the inability to access saved presets, the free version of the full program is still a fantastic option for both beginning and experienced producers.

It’s interesting to note that you may change the entire curve by shifting it up or down by up to 10 octaves using the transpose tool. The incoming sound signal is shown by displaying the intensity of different frequencies, much like FL Studio’s “Parametric EQ 2” does.

DDMF Colour EQ

One of the best free EQ plugins is DDMF’s Color EQ. This EQ is fantastic for adding color and warmth to your audio because of its warmth and soulful tone.

In addition to the conventional gain/width/frequency set, Colour Eq includes five bands of “super parametric” filters, which affect the per band curve form.

Color EQ is one of the most distinctive and special sounding equalizers you’ll ever hear because these shapes cannot be replicated by standard equalizers.

In addition to having an intuitive interface, the GUI’s color can be modified. As one of the best free EQ plugins ever, the package is completed by a freely resizable window.

The 64-bit processing and low CPU utilization of Color EQ make it available in RTAS and VST.

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