Platforms to Sell your Beat as a Beat Maker 2023

Selling your audio productions to rappers, businesses, and other musicians may bring in thousands of dollars per month for a competent music producer.

The greatest websites to sell beats on will be revealed in this piece as a starting point for you.

A diverse range of platforms with various target markets, commission systems, etc. have been included. Consequently, you ought to be able to locate anything on this list that meets your criteria.

Platforms to Sell your Beat as a Beat Maker 2023

Making a fantastic beat is now easier than ever. This isn’t to suggest it doesn’t require expertise, but there are fantastic resources at your disposal wherever you go – sample packs, MIDI chord packs, ultra-powerful software synthesizers that cost a fraction of vintage hardware, and more.

For most, the larger problem will be determining how to advertise and sell their work. There are several distractions fighting for people’s attention in today’s busy society.
The good news is that there are numerous wonderful websites you can utilize to sell your beats online, and you’ve probably already used some of them.

Personal Website

Your own online store, whether it be on your website or a different marketplace, is the greatest way to sell beats online.

Selling on your own website is more cost-effective than using a third-party marketplace because you retain all of the money you generate; there is no intermediary to deduct money from your revenues. And there are other advantages as well.

You have total control over everything when you sell on your own website, including price, payment methods, funnel design, and site navigation.

If you sold through a third-party marketplace instead, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the benefits that come with this degree of control.


Envato Market, one of the largest online marketplaces for digital goods, has an audio division called AudioJungle.
You may sell any kind of audio file on AudioJungle, which is a wonderful feature. Not just beats but also music packs, sound effects, audio logos, and other stuff.

Similar to Airbit, it has a sizable user base and excellent discoverability, so you won’t need to spend as much time and as promoting your tracks as you would if you choose to sell through your own website.


Another excellent website for selling beats online is BeatStars. In terms of popularity, it is comparable to Airbit, although it appears to be less aggressively competitive. Over 1.3 million digital items have been sold by BeatStars creators, who have made over $100 million to date.

Homepage for BeatStars
On BeatStars, you may sell up to 10 songs for free, or you can subscribe to a paid membership to sell an infinite number of tracks and have access to premium services. Free users must pay 30% of their revenue in fees, whilst paid members receive $0 commissions.

BeatStars may be used as a distribution platform as well, allowing you to share your beats with the world and make money via download and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, etc.


Fans may find, support, and interact with artists on Bandcamp, an online music shop and community platform. It stands out for its artist-first income model and is a terrific location to buy and sell beats and other music merchandise online.

Homepage for Bandcamp

Nearly $1 billion has been made by Bandcamp artists to this point. You may register, personalize your own direct-to-fan store, and submit your songs to the bigger market in order to receive a piece of the action.

Your profit potential is unrestricted because you can pick your own beat prices. It’s also interesting that you can set a minimum charge while still allowing supporters to pay more if they so choose (which they do around 50% of the time).

If you’re aiming to sell your beats to corporations, AudioDraft is a fantastic way to do so. It serves companies who are developing their audio branding.

Home Page for AudioDraft

Tracks in their “Music Library” have preset rates for exclusive rights, but you may establish your own prices. Audiodraft has hand-picked tunes that are available in the Music Library.

70% of the money generated by producers’ beats on AudioDraft goes to them.

Another website where beats may be purchased is Soundee Soundee, which is certainly worthwhile visiting. Users on free plans can only keep up to 70% of their revenues, whereas paying members may keep 100% of their earnings.

Homepage for Soundee

It’s a little more difficult to be found on Soundee because it’s not nearly as well-known as Airbit and BeatStars. On the other hand, because there is less competition, it is also simpler to close sales.

Additionally, there are some sophisticated features like the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and offers, support for co-producers, connection with email marketing, etc.

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