List of The Best Waves Plugins for Mixing in 2023

Since 1992, when the business initially released its Q10 Paragraphic EQ, Waves has been making plugins. The Q10 was the first audio plugin ever, breaking new ground in technology with sound quality on par with or greater than that of the corresponding hardware. Waves also created the well-known L1 Ultramaximizer within its first ten years as a plugin producer, setting a new standard for dynamics processing. Best Waves Plugins for Mixing.

Waves is currently one of the leading producers of plugins. Audio professionals and fans utilize hundreds of Waves plugins to alter their mixes, ranging from analogue hardware emulations to unique processing. The effects listed below are a few of the best and most useful ones that every engineer should have in their plugin cache. Below is the Best Waves Plugins for Mixing.

Best Waves Plugins for Mixing

Best Waves Plugins for Mixing

Scheps Omni Channel (Channel Strip)

The Omni Channel is designed to provide the best of the analogue and digital worlds: “Through years of mixing diverse music genres, Andrew Scheps has perfected certain combinations of go-to processors – some based on classic hardware units, some being innovative modules developed from scratch – each with its own unique character. They are all now provided to you in one flexible yet fully cohesive channel strip plugin.”

CLA-76 Compressor (1176 Emulation)

UREI’s original 1176LN compressor/limiter is one of the most used and desired pieces of hardware ever produced. Waves offers two revisions inspired by the mid-1960s compressor, including both a “Blacky” and a “Bluey.” With attack settings as fast as 50 microseconds and the famed “all buttons in” mode, the CLA-76 is an excellent choice for in-the-box mixing. There’s also an included 50 or 60 Hz analogue hum for some added flavor, if desired!

PuigTec EQs (Pultec Emulation)

Emulations of the iconic Pultec EQP-1A and MEQ-5 equalizers of the 1950s. If you’re unfamiliar, Pultecs offer the unique ability to both boost and cut a single frequency at the same time, creating a resonant shelf. By combining both the EQP-1A and the MEQ-5, you’ll have access to a full vintage, analogue EQ chain.

H-Delay Hybrid Delay (Time-Based)

A great delay plugin with PCM42-style effects including phasing and flanging built in. Many mixers prefer the Lo-Fi setting for a different overall texture. The H-Delay is a very easy-to-use, great sounding delay plugin.

Renaissance Reverb (Time-Based)

Renaissance Reverb includes 12 different reverb types, subtle ability to tweak early reflections, dual-band EQ/damping controls, and reverbs with incredible depth and texture. For the best Waves Plugins for Mixing, a fantastic place to start if you’re looking for a great all-around reverb by Waves plugins.

SSL G Buss Compressor (Dynamics)

In accordance with a license, SSL hired Waves to create a copy of their legendary 4000 G console master buss compressor. You’ve probably heard a hundred engineers discuss the compressor’s capacity to “glue” parts together, a feature that Waves’s version has attempted to mimic. The SSL buss compressor contains an optional “analogue” button to add or reduce noise produced by the devices, similar to the two hardware emulations stated before. Test it out on the mix as a whole or the drum buss.

Dorrough Stereo Meter (Metering/Utility)

Another best Wave’s Plugins for Mixing. Metering plugins are essential for mixing and mastering. Dorrough provides loudness monitoring for all stereo scenarios. You can  use it as an input meter to keep an eye on recording levels, use it for group/auxiliary metering, or use the Dorrough as a master output meter.

E Channel (Channel Strip) for SSL

Every engineer’s toolbox should have a decent channel strip plugin. Numerous hits have been mixed and recorded on SSL’s 4000-series console, which boasts one of the most unmatched tones possible. This version of the “Black Knob” EQ section from The E-Channel was created in 1983 in collaboration with producer George Martin (The Beatles). A comp/limiter, gate, and expander are included in the dynamics section, and makeup gain is simply applied automatically to preserve signal level.

MV2 Compressor (Dynamics)

One of the simplest ways to control the dynamic range of a sound source with an initiative, streamlined interface.

Renaissance Bass (Dynamics)

An easy way to tighten up the low end of bass, kick drum, 808, etc. Renaissance Bass is designed to extend perceived low frequencies up to an octave and a half.

Renaissance Vox (Dynamics)

Another in “R” line, this plugin is a comp/limiter & gate/expander tailored specifically to vocals. There’s no better way to control vocal dynamics and maximize output level.

Ultramaximizer (Limiter)

The combination of look-ahead brickwall peak limiting, level maximization, and high resolution processing in the L2, which is designed for mixing and mastering, is essential for maximizing the level of your mix or final master. An essential piece of equipment for any mix/mastering engineer!

Waves Element (Virtual Analog Synth)

Analog synthesizers are still used all the time because of their unparalleled thickness, richness, and powerful sound. Element reproduces some of music’s most favored analog synth tones, from 1970s monomynths to the polysynths of the ’80s. If you’re a producer who enjoys collecting virtual instruments, Element is well worth a try — especially when it goes on sale! Why not?

Waves Tune Real-Time (Pitch Correction)

Waves’ answer to Antares Auto-Tune, Real-Time provides smooth pitch correction or extreme vocal processing that we’ve come to know and love as an effect. Its characteristics are a bit different than Antares, but the overall package is much more affordable than the “real” thing. Depending on your needs, Waves Tune Real-Time might be an alternative to classic Auto-Tune.

Vocal Rider (Dynamics)

If you frequently mix vocals, this is a need. The Vocal Rider was created to save time by automatically altering a vocal’s levels. By specifying a target vocal level for your mix, the plugin intelligently adjusts by adjusting the gain of the signal. You won’t have to worry about any undesired tonal alterations when using it because it won’t color your track in any way. The Vocal Rider is a very effective and practical instrument when used with conventional compression.

J37 Tape Machine (Saturation/Harmonic)

In collaboration with Abbey Road Studios, Waves developed a tape saturation plugin that simulates the equipment used to record many of the 1960s’ greatest hits. Tape Speed, Bias, Noise, Saturation, Wow, and Flutter can all be adjusted by the user. Three tape oxide compositions that EMI created in the 1960s and 1970s were also modeled by Waves. Experimentation is essential because each has a distinct frequency response and harmonic distortion characteristics. Naturally, there are a ton of presets available to help you rapidly achieve as close to the sound you want as possible. To go things even further, the J37 has an incorporated tape delay as well.

Waves Z-Noise (Noise Reduction)

Z-Noise is an audio repair tool made to take out unwanted noises from music files. Hiss, hum, and other noises caused by instruments or equipment can be precisely isolated and muted. It works incredibly well with guitar amplifiers, especially those with high gain settings that, if not properly controlled, can become extremely noisy upon entry.further.

Waves Submarine (Subharmonic Generator)

To create a powerful bass end in EDM tracks, Submarine is the ideal tool. It just recognizes existing low-end content and produces additional sub-bass that is up to two octaves lower than what is currently present. Although you might not always be able to hear Submarine in action, you should be able to feel the strength and depth it brings.

Not featured here are many, many more outstanding Best Waves plugins For Mixing. The choices above just represent a small portion of what the organization has to offer or what you could find yourself using the most frequently. There’s no reason to believe that Waves plugins are out of reach because they are constantly on sale! The Best Reverb Plugins in 2023 | Free & Paid

Best Waves Plugin For Mixing

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