BM 800 Microphone: Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

2022 BM 800 Microphone Review
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When specific categories are discussed, there are always some goods that come up. When searching for an inexpensive condenser microphone, the BM-800 Microphone is one of those microphones that will always pop up in forums and groups. Due to its ease of use and microphone handling, the BM 800 has become a very popular microphone. The microphone provides excellent sound quality at a low cost.

In this article, I’ll examine the BM 800 Microphone, which is currently one of the finest affordable condenser microphones on the market.

The BM 800 Microphone is reviewed.

An XLR cardioid condenser microphone with an XLR connector, the Kinter BM-800 Microphone is an XLR cardioid condenser microphone with an XLR connector. Despite the brand’s lack of recognition, the microphone is a popular seller on Amazon and has garnered great reviews.

The BM800 Microphone is a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for a studio condenser microphone for less than $50. Those seeking for a studio condenser microphone on a budget of less than $50 would choose the BM800.

The BM800 includes practically everything you could possibly need in your studio setup. Because it is a condenser microphone, it picks up sound without noise, allowing it to avoid background noise over a broad range.

The BM800 microphone has a 20Hz to 20KHz flat frequency response, which is suitable for any condenser microphone, and it can readily handle any sound up to 132dB. This microphone’s frequency range is appropriate for all types of studio recordings.

The microphone is ideal for singing as well as instrumentals. It offers a well-balanced bass response that results in a fantastic bottom tone. Benefits and Features of the BM800 Microphone. Even at affordable microphone prices, the microphone has numerous premium features. I’ll go through some of the key characteristics that I’ve seen.

Simple to use and set up

With the microphone, there’s not a lot of technical to work with. It takes only a few minutes to set up the microphone.

Noise Reduction

The microphone features an excellent noise cancellation system that eliminates any background noise in your studio. You’ll also receive the pop filter, which gives it a more natural look. The microphone’s steadiness is great because it doesn’t emit a lot of self-noise.


When used with a stand or table, the microphone is exceptionally durable and generates no self-noise. The ability to roam around the table provides a lot of flexibility.

On the microphone, there are switches for regulating bass, pad, and attenuation. You have more control over the sound the microphone generates if it has more switches. A bass roll-off switch, a 15mV/Pa pre-attenuation switch, and a -10dB pad are all included, as well as rolloff and attenuation settings.

Applications The BM 800 Microphone is ideal for both vocal and instrumental performances. As a result, it’s practically an all-rounder microphone that’s ideal for any style of studio recording.

Built to Last

The microphone features a metal body made of Aluminum Alloy, making it both sturdy and dependable. It’s also a lot of fun to hold in your hands.

There are four color options for the microphone to pick from.

Sound of Nature

The sound produced by the microphone is crisp and pleasant. It has a somewhat smooth high-end for instrumentals and detailed mid-ranges where the recording is suggested. Overall, the sound output is quite natural, with virtually no noise or background sound in your studio. Here is a demo in which you can hear the BM800 Microphone in action.

What you’ll find in the box

It is required to inspect the contents of the package. Don’t miss anything that’s being said into the microphone.

The following are the key items included in a microphone box.

Shock Mount Pop Filter for Arm Stand

In the cheap pricing bracket, it’s a great value. You’re almost done with your microphone set-up. A pass filter may be required, but it is up to the user to decide. Frequently Asked Questions about the BM 800 Microphone (FAQ)

Is the BM 800 a decent microphone? Yes, it’s the ideal microphone for individuals looking for a low-cost condenser microphone with good sound quality.

How can I utilize my phone’s BM 800 microphone?

You may connect the microphone by following the instructions in the video I’ve included above. It is also quite simple to connect. Is phantom power required for the BM 800? No! The XLR connector on the BM 800 is fairly straightforward to attach as well.

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