Best Microphones for Computer Vocal Recording 2022

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On the internet, you may discover extensive lists of the best microphones. You’ll find a plethora of articles about mic reviews and specs.

Because of their widespread use, there are more than enough microphones on the market. Microphones are not just used by singers and people who act on stage. Almost every other guy on the internet nowadays could require it. The majority of individuals just use it to attend online meetings and other similar activities. Mics are commonly used to record a variety of things. Obtaining the ideal microphone that will assist us in the task at hand is essential.

That is why I have produced this content particularly for folks who wish to use their computer or laptop to record voices.

All of the mics on this list are compatible with any PC or laptop. These mics do not require any extra components such as connection cables or other such items. You must be aware of this since we are only going to look at computer microphones.

Microphones that may be linked directly to a computer or a pc are known as USB microphones. USB Mics may be used immediately by connecting them into your computer. As a result, all of the microphones on this list are USB Microphones exclusively.

If you don’t have to use a USB microphone, you can always read our other post in which I detail the 3 Best Condenser Mics For Vocals Or Recording Vocals. All of the mics featured here are in the cheap to medium price range. Actually, USB Mics aren’t that expensive either.

Blue Yeti

Here’s another one from the Blue’s collection. I’ve included it because it’s more than likely the upgrade for the prior one. So, if the previous specifications haven’t yet pleased you, this could. Yeti USB Microphone in Blue

Blue Yeti Blue Yeti is one of Blue’s most popular and well-received products. This microphone is so well-known that you’ve probably already heard of it. Yeti has received the greatest appreciation and favorable feedback from users and artists. Many well-known musicians recommend Yeti to anybody interested in home recording.

With black and white variations, such as the snowflake iCE microphone, Yeti has a really appealing appearance. This microphone has a highly professional and appealing appearance. Cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo are the four distinct polar patterns available on Yeti.

Having a multipolar pattern with all of the essential functionalities allows you to broaden your horizons in a variety of areas. Yeti has you covered when it comes to home recording and vocal recording. It makes an unearthly noise.

This microphone requires 5 volts to operate. There are three polar patterns on this mic. This mic’s maximum sound pressure level is 120dB. 15 Hz to 22 kHz is the frequency response. This microphone performs admirably in terms of noise cancellation. It’s excellent for a large space.

The Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone for singing, podcasts, instrumentals, gaming, interviews, phone calls, and other applications. Another great feature is the USB Microphone, which does not require phantom power like a condenser microphone. All you have to do now is hook it into your Mac or PC and start listening.

If you’re a newbie who’s just getting started. If you don’t want to go too sophisticated and just want a microphone for a novice, Blue Yeti is a good option. This USB Microphone is ideal for you.

AT 2020 (Audio Technica)

Audio Technica is one of the most well-known and well-established brands in the microphone market. They have a large selection of various microphones. This brand’s microphones can be found on practically any list you look at. Amazon has the Audio Technica AT 2020 Condenser Microphone. I understand. This isn’t the USB Microphone you’re looking for. Nonetheless, I’ve included it.

This microphone has you covered in terms of everything you need, and it won’t let you down. It is for this reason why I have included it. This is the option for you if you don’t want to be limited to the USB Microphone.

The AT 2020 condenser microphone comes highly recommended. As a result, this microphone is likewise worthy of note. Because this is a list of microphones for recording vocals with a computer.

Without needing to do anything on top of it, AT 2020 supports you in doing so. It has an XLR input that allows you to connect your mic straight to your computer. Unlike other microphones, you won’t need the phantom power cord with this one.

One of the most flexible microphones on the market is the AT 2020. This mic will not let you down when it comes to capturing your vocals. The power and sound quality of this microphone will certainly wow you.

You won’t need much in the way of technological understanding to use AT 2020. This microphone is simple to use even if you are a beginner. The AT 2020 is one of the most adaptable microphones on the market. This microphone has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20Khz.

NT Rode

Rode entered the market to assist musicians and vocalists by manufacturing microphones. Rode Microphones’ primary target audience is singers and artists. They also provide a large selection of various microphones.

This compact and cool-looking microphone was highly recommended by a number of my vocal-recording buddies. It’s a high-quality studio USB microphone with a low price tag. The Rode NT USB Microphone is designed primarily for capturing vocals in the head. All of these mics’ qualities are perfect for anyone who wants to record the highest quality voice sound output.

The 3.5 mm stereo headphone connection on the NT offers zero-latency monitoring, allowing you to monitor input in real time. You’ll also have full control over the microphone input and sound output.

On any platform Windows or MacBook, NT is entirely compatible with mainstream recording and singing. Rode NT is the microphone to use if you’re searching for a highly focused microphone for recording voices. This is a USB microphone designed exclusively for voices and singing in your home studio. If you’re just getting started, this is also a highly cost-effective choice.

Final Thought:

I hope I didn’t leave you perplexed. Because there are currently so many mics on the market, I haven’t created a big list for this. Part of my study entails selecting the finest and informing you. In practically every way, I’ve chosen the greatest mics for recording vocals for computers. I’ve covered price, patterns, specificity, and practically everything else you’ll need to know.

If you ask me for a personal suggestion, I would choose Blue Yeti because it is more popular and has sufficient features. Aside from that, the AT 2020 is the mic I would suggest you search for.

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