8 Electric Guitar Amps To Consider

A guitar amplifier’s most fundamental function is to enhance the signal coming from your electric guitar’s pickups so that it may be played through one or more speakers. Beyond that, a guitar amp will alter the tone of your instrument by highlighting or reducing certain frequencies, as well as by introducing distortion and other sound features. Indeed, an important aspect of a guitarist’s sound is the amplifier they use. This article will examine the top electric guitar amplifiers in each price range. We’ll also discuss other varieties, from spotless combinations to scorching heads.

Soldano SLO Mini 30-watt Amp Head

The Soldano SLO Mini 30-watt amp head weighs only four pounds, making it simple to confuse it for a toy. That is, up until you plug it in. This little guitar amp head gives the same sound-shaping options as the full-sized, 100-watt SLO Mini in addition to delivering 30 watts of harmonic-rich Soldano tone. The SLO Mini’s enticing characteristics are completed by an onboard effects loop, a universal power supply, and signature Soldano design elements. Want a portable version of the actual Soldano tone? Get your hands on a SLO Mini instead; it’s a real, tiny powerhouse.

BOSS Katana-50 MkII EX 1×12-inch 50-watt Combo Amp

The BOSS Katana-50 MkII EX packs a full guitar rig into a handy 112-inch combo amplifier along with a slew of new utility features. It has a 50-watt power section, five creative amp voicings, and 60 high-quality effects. The Katana-50 MkII EX includes a paint-peeling, “Brown”-style voice, an acoustic guitar preset, and can play everything from clean to crunch to lead. With dedicated gain, EQ, and effects settings, you can shape the sound of your music to your heart’s content. You have more setup options and rig customizability thanks to realistic cabinet emulations, new 1-cord Stereo Expand, and full GA-FC and GA-FC EX footswitch compatibility. The Katana-50 MkII EX is finished with adjustable power scaling and a power amp input, making it a one-stop shop for all things guitar.

Orange Super Crush 100 100-watt Solid-state Head

Anyone who doubts the hard-rocking capabilities of solid-state guitar amplifiers has never plugged into a 100-watt Orange Super Crush 100 head. Seriously though, this monster is a real burner, producing crushing tones through a powerful 4-stage preamp. The Super Crush 100 features independent clean volume, filthy volume, master volume, and gain controls as well as footswitchable clean and dirty channels, a flexible 3-band EQ, and clean and dirty volume controls. While a fully buffered effects loop enables you to patch in your stompboxes and other processors, an ear-catching reverb gives your playing depth. A dual-mode cabinet simulation circuit is also included, which provides accurate, miked-up sounds. With its rafter-shaking output, vintage Orange design, and abundance of vintage tone, the Super Crush 100 is an amp you can’t go wrong with.

Yamaha THR30 II Wireless 30-watt Modeling Combo Amp

Do you wish to travel about with authentic tube tones? You can, though, thanks to the Yamaha THR30 II wireless 30-watt modeling combo amp! With battery-powered operation, an entire locker’s worth of guitar and bass amplifier simulations, and even microphone models for your acoustic-electric guitar in one package, this ultra-portable guitar amplifier is a busker’s perfect dream. Additionally, flat voicing is available if you want to connect anything else. The THR30 II offers realistic sound and feel because of Yamaha’s cutting-edge Virtual Circuitry Modeling. Modulation, echo, and reverb effects with great-sounding can give your performance an arena-quality shine.

Plexi-inspired British tones

In the mood for a tonal extravaganza with a British vintage vibe? The Marshall ORI50H Origin tube head is prepared to accommodate you if that is the case. This 50-watt masterpiece is loaded with two EL34 power tubes, two ECC83 preamp tubes, two built-in voices with tilt controls, and three ECC83 preamp tubes for authentic tube-infused tone. You can create the ideal sound using a presence knob, a 3-band EQ, and a footswitchable gain boost, which increases output for very powerful solos. You can unleash high-output sounds at any volume thanks to the switchable 5W/10W/50W power, and an effects loop makes it simple to use your favorite stompboxes.

Supro Delta King 12 1×12-inch 15-watt Tube Combo Amp

The 15-watt Supro Delta King 12 112-inch tube combo amp is perfect if you enjoy the sound of the British Invasion. With a simple turn of the master volume knob, this amplifier enables you to enjoy all the crunch and attitude of a cranking 1960s Supro at bedroom volumes. With its straightforward controls, FET-driven boost, and Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, which delivers midrange-rich, rock-ready textures right into your hands, this 6L6-loaded, Class A tone monster is also a breeze to dial in. A line output that does away with the requirement to mic the amp for recording or live performances is also available, along with a specially constructed analog spring reverb, for additional auditory delight.

Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus 2×10-inch 40-watt Stereo Combo Amp

The most recognizable built-in chorus effect on the earth is featured in the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus 212-inch 120-watt stereo combo amp, which offers unmistakable, clean tone. Unfortunately, the traditional JC-120 does not fall within the pricing range of this segment and weighs as much as a full-grown Labrador retriever. Furthermore, at 120 watts, it is loud enough to weaken the structural integrity of the majority of family-sized homes. Introducing the 40-watt stereo combo amp Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus. This astounding 210-inch combo amplifier is packed with the crisp, clean tones that made its heavyweight sibling famous, but it does so in a compact, 40-watt form factor. Along with vibrato, distortion, reverb, Roland’s famous chorus, and a stereo effects loop for all your other processors, you get the same built-in effects as the 120 watter.

PRS HDRX 20 20-watt Tube Head

Without a doubt, Jimi Hendrix’s tone is at the pinnacle of sought-after guitar tones and one of the most iconic of all time. You may go close to replicating Jimi Hendrix’s mysterious, British-tinged sound with the PRS HDRX 20, a lower-wattage version of the legendary guitarist’s Woodstock-era amplifier. The HDRX 20 wasn’t created using educated judgments and presumptions. Instead, PRS managed to get their hands on Hendrix’s original late 1960s amp head and meticulously dissected its circuitry. With three 12AX7 preamp tubes, 5881 power tubes that break up at lower volumes, and an entirely new master volume knob that makes low-volume saturation a surreal reality, the HDRX 20 nails it.

Marshall DSL40CR 1×12-inch 40-watt Tube Combo Amp

This Marshall DSL40CR tube combo amp is screaming your name if you’re craving contemporary British tones but think a Marshall stack would be excessive for your modest requirements. This 40-watt, 112-inch combo amplifier continues the legacy of the venerable JCM800 and JCM900 models by providing two footswitchable channels of authentically British tone.

Additionally, each channel has two settings that may be used to create everything from glassy cleans to hard-rock crunch to crazy ultra-high gain sounds. In addition to providing great sound shaping, the high and low power modes allow you to adjust the volume to the right level for any circumstance. A sophisticated EQ section and flexible resonance control. A bypassable effects loop, studio-quality reverb, and a line output with cab modeling from Softube are also included.

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